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  • By Natoof
  • 14 Aug, 2013
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Were so glad to flip through the first issue of Alef magazine, fresh, new and rich content with absolutely high production quality and superb layout design. Another reason to love the magazine is because it’s listing our book Mawahib: The Talent Directory. Check out these captures from inside the publication:

WHO? Alef is an independent magazine published out of Doha, Qatar. Printed bi-monthly in a bilingual format (English and Arabic) the magazine focuses on cultural topics that are indigenous to the Gulf region.
WHAT? Alef is a local magazine with an international outreach. Available on the global newsstand and in independent newsagents around the world, Alef reaches its target audience through retail, subscription, and strategic partnerships.
WHY? Alef magazine is for anyone who has a vested interest in Middle Eastern culture. Whether you are an artist or a doctor, a journalist or a tourist, Alef aims to educate both residents and visitors from all walks of life.

You can subscribe to the magazine over here. Also visit their social network on Twitter and Instagram.
All photos above showing Alef Magazine © Jack Thomas Taylor 

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