Corresponding with Personal Style

Thinking of creating your personal stationery? no need to over think it, just keep it beautiful like this set we designed & produced. You can never go wrong with soft colorful floral and gold foil. The cards can be used for different occasions and purposes while your monogram and calligraphy can be easily adapted for your personal usage and communications.
What’s on this stationery: Thuluth calligraphy was created for the name in Arabic, and the English monogram in OkayCursive font. Printed on  Neenah paper (Eames Solar White Vellum). And if you are wondering the lovely plumed writing pen in black & white is from Anthropologie.2


My name is Mariam Bin Natoof, and I am a creative professional with over 15 years‘ experience in communication and design fields. Natoof is the creative business with which I associate my design work, specializing in branding, identity, graphic design and art direction.

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