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  • 21 Nov, 2013
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The beautiful Elisabetta from Linen and Silk website has featured Natoof this week on her blog. This comes as part of their wedding planning services launch in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt.

Meet Natoof, Dubai-based wedding stationer and graphic designer
On: Linen and Silk by Elisabetta Cirulli | Blog

Good morning lovelies! After a one day pause I decided to conclude the week dedicated to the launch of my wedding planning services in Sharm el Sheikh with a short and sweet interview to Natoof, Dubai based graphic and wedding stationery designer. Don’t ask me how I stumbled across Natoof‘s work – it must have been on one of those all-day sessions researching local, versatile suppliers with a solid background in the Arab wedding world. One way of the other I found them, and after following their work for a while on Facebook and Instagram, I mastered up the courage of asking them if I could feature their work on my humble blog for the launch of #projectsharm. And thankfully Natoof said yes! I say ‘thankfully’ because I’m incredibly grateful, but also chuffed, that someone of their caliber (check their website and you’ll understand what I mean when I say ‘someone of their caliber’) was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions so they could be featured on Linen and Silk. Ultimately I really hope there will be an opportunity to work with Natoof on one of my Sharm weddings real soon, so if you are a bride, fancy the idea of getting married in Egypt, like Natoof style, let’s make it happen!
And now, over to Natoof (interview questions answered by Mariam Bin Natoof)

What services do you offer for weddings?  We design wedding invitations & all related stationery that might complement the wedding such as favor packaging, stickers and tags..etc.

Who is the typical Natoof couple? A bride and a groom who appreciate the meaning behind selecting the right style and design for their wedding invitation.

How would you describe Natoof style? Generally our designs are modern but we understand that everyone has their own style & taste so we listen carefully to our clients and do our best to present their ideas within our scope of work.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Everyday life, and whatever I see infront of me can sparkle the lights in my right side brain whether a book cover, a dress, a flower, or the surface of my coffee foam.

What gets your creative juices flowing? When I feel that the client is trusting me with the work I produce, I give it all and go the extra mile to meet their expectations.

Tell us something crazy / inspiring / interesting about you… I love watching Zombie movies/shows — a friend said I wonder how can you come up with beautiful designs from the same brain that watches ” The Walking Dead “  😉
Elisabetta Cirulli is an Italian wedding planner, operating in London, and available for weddings in Italy and Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt) too. For more information about the services she offers please visit the website.

Visit the original featured interview on Linen and Silk website.

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