Make it Special

The other day on Instagram I saw a lovely technique of coloring the raised part of a wax seal, with a metallic shade and thought what a cool idea. It adds a bit of different touch to your gift wrapping, your design, mail or your even business packaging.

I created my own original illustration to be produced on the metal stamp, it was part of a bigger leaves / floral pattern, so I eliminated some parts to make it work as a botanical motif. Always remember when providing your artwork to the seal’s suppliers that it should be in black & white (black areas will be engraved).
I also became a fan of real pressed leaves and flowers, great to add to any stationery material or art projects, you will see me more often using them in photo styling.
I find using the ink pad more fun but obviously they have created pens for this purpose too (highlighting metallic pens). Moreover, you can find on this website all the other tools that you might want to have with your wax seal kit such as the wax gun, the melting spoon, twine..etc.
If you love crafting and using wax stamps, you can find more inspiration on PC ✄ Instagram account.

For designing your stamps, you can create something standard with the wax supplier (you can find many of them online I would recommend BacktoZero) or you can hire a designer (like moi) to create something unique for you. Make it special!

All photos & video by ⒸNatoof – Music: bensound


My name is Mariam Bin Natoof, and I am a creative professional with over 15 years‘ experience in communication and design fields. Natoof is the creative business with which I associate my design work, specializing in branding, identity, graphic design and art direction.

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