Mawahib: The Talent Directory مواهب: دليل الإبداع

We are pleased to announce the release of Mawahib: The Talent Directory. The sourcebook to showcase and spotlight the Arab individuals in graphic design, illustration, and photography.
Mawahib Book


كتاب مواهب هو دليل غير تقليدي يحتفل بالإبداعات العربية في مجال تصميم ورسم الجرافيكس والتصوير الفوتوغرافي. وخلافًا لغيره من المطبوعات، يقدم هذا الكتاب مواهب هؤلاء المبدعين، ويعرض أعمالهم ويستكشف ما يدفع غرائزهم وشغفهم. الكتاب مصمم لـــ الإلهام. التشجيع. تسليط الضوء. العرض. التوظيف 

مع إطلاق الطبعة الأولى للكتاب، نسلط الضوء على المواهب المحلية في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، ونحتفل بـ35 شخصًا تحوّل شغفهم إلى عمل حقيقي، منهم من قام باستخدام القلم للرسم، أو الفأرة للتصميم أو الكاميرا لالتقاط صورة. تزخر صفحات الكتاب بالأعمال الملهمة، والصور الجميلة، والنصائح والإرشادات المفيدة، وتتضمن أيضًا مقالات قيّمة من الأفراد ذوي الخبرة، حيث يقومون بإبراز نقاط ومواضيع مهمة تتعلق بمجال الإعلام والتصميم.

Mawahib BookTHIS BOOK IS DESIGNED TO Inspire. Encourage. Highlight. Showcase. Hire.
Mawahib is the unconventional directory for locating Arab graphic designers, illustrators, & photographers. Unlike other publications, this book presents the talents of these individuals, showcases their work, & explores what drives their passion. Mawahib will make it considerably easier to locate a full range of skilled talents locally. With this first edition, we are spotlighting local talent in the United Arab Emirates. We are celebrating 35 people whose passion is transformed into real work, whether they use a pen to sketch, a mouse to design, or a camera to snap. The pages are filled with inspiring work, beautiful photography, useful tips & advice. Additionally, we include valuable articles from experienced individuals to shed light on subjects related to the field of design.
Mawahib Book


Khaleejesque: We’re loving ‘Mawahib:The Talent Directory’ book, which aims to feature the best graphic designers, illustrators & photographers throughout the UAE; especially helpful if you need projects or jobs that need completed.

Mawahib BookYou can buy now Mawahib: The Talent Directory book straight from:

  • Kinokuniya Bookstore at The Dubai Mall.
  • Magrudy’s at Jumeirah, Al Wahda Mall, Al Bawadi Mall, Al Ittihad
  • Mexar Shop at Jumeirah Road-Umm Suqeim 1.
  • UNION COOP Dubai
  • Online from

More information about the book:
You can read & download the Press Release in ArabicEnglish
The book is independent & self-published by Natoof | Developed & Produced by Mariam Bin Natoof


My name is Mariam Bin Natoof, and I am a creative professional with over 15 years‘ experience in communication and design fields. Natoof is the creative business with which I associate my design work, specializing in branding, identity, graphic design and art direction.

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